Saeka hits new heights!

Saeka and friends hit the top!

‘I approached Chris Whittle, Physio at the Tower Hill Virgin Active Health Club after tearing a ligament in my left foot – I wanted to know if I’d be well enough to climb a 4100m mountain in Morocco in June. Having assessed it thoroughly he said that it would be do-able so long as I followed his instructions and I started with simple stretches and icing to help it heal. We met at two week intervals to check progress and Chris would give me additional exercises each time to increase my confidence and range of movement.

The trip was amazing and I had no problems at all – reaching the peak and seeing the views made all the work I’d had to do in the gym worthwhile. I don’t think I could’ve done it without the input from Chris and will be back to see him before tackling Kilimanjaro next year!’

Saeka Ahmed (Intrepid Explorer)