Ella back in action!

Ella back in action!

I would like to write a big thanks to Harry Bedford at Atherapy who successfully led my recovery from a Hockey injury.

In March, while playing junior County Hockey, I was struck on the knee by a hockey ball.  I suffered severe pain and was carried off the field and following X-rays I was referred to a specialist orthopaedic consultant, who carried out an MRI scan and examined me.  I had considerable swelling of the knee joint and the bone swelling and was told that I could be out of action for a considerable time.  This was especially frustrating as I had just been selected to attend an England u15 training camp in 9 weeks which was an amazing opportunity that I was desperate not to miss.  The consultant was aware of this  and bearing this in mind referred me to a physiotherapist (Harry Bedford at Atherapy)  whom he thought would have the best chance of ensuring that I would be fit enough to go on the camp.  Both Harry and the consultant both told me that I was unlikely to be fit but that they would do their best to help me.

Over the next 9 weeks Harry worked wonders with me, both in terms of active physiotherapy but also in terms of a rehabilitation program to ensure that not only was my knee ok but the rest of my body was also ready to support the knee. Gradually Harry helped my knee to recovery and when he sent me back to the consultant I was given the all clear to take part in the weekend.   I made it to the weekend and it was a great experience with the England Junior coaches teaching us some great skills.  Despite my lack of hockey for the 8 weeks beforehand I was able to compete effectively and my knee was good.

I would like to say that not only did Harry treat my injury, he analysed me overall and identified a number of core stability and stretching programs that would help me avoid normal injuries going forward. I now carry out a daily stretching / strengthening program and have already noticed a considerable difference.

I would really like to recommend Harry, he did an amazing job.


Thanks Harry!

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