William Kenton

Moorgate - Physiotherapist

I qualified In 2008 with a undergraduate degree in sports science. The enjoyment I took from working with those who wanted the very best version of themselves led me down the path of completing my pre registration MSc in physiotherapy. Since then I've worked both in the NHS and private sector gaining valuable knowledge and skills. I have specific interest in a wide range of sports injuries whilst also thoroughly enjoying the variety that physiotherapy provides. I'll work with you towards your goal, helping you stay focused and motivated to achieve success.

Describe yourself in 3 Words

Ambitious, Social, Approachable

What are you Passionate About?

I have two big sporting passions, watching and playing cricket in the summer months and throwing myself down a mountain on skies in the winter.

Favourite Quote

“'To live is the rarest thing in the word. Most people exist, that is all.”