David Cracknell

Broadgate - Physiotherapist

I left university with the moto to 'do different' with my BSc in Physiotherapy. My chapter 1: Pre university was spending 5 years as a fit pro and doing some thinking. Chapter 2: Physiotherapy all around the country soaking up knowledge, developing skills, working with a few pioneering people and doing some more thinking. Chapter 3: Atherapy - my platform and opportunity to really 'do different’.

Describe yourself in 3 Words

Devoted, detailed, diligent

What are you Passionate About?

Doing justice for the benefit of you and me as a team.  Looking after the person not just the condition. Injuries can be textbook but all of us are different therefore lets be bespoke

Favourite Quote

I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.