The Atherapy Story - Why we do what we do!

Most of us can point to a pivotal moment that shaped our future choice of career. Typical of many physiotherapists, for me that moment arrived after being injured playing sport. With the ensuing course of treatment being my first introduction to Physiotherapy at the age of 14.

I was intrigued as to how the Physiotherapist could diagnose, treat, and then through rehabilitation, prevent the problem coming back. I was also inspired by the professionalism, understanding, and care shown to me during what was a painful and sometimes frustrating process of recovery.

I was ‘sold’ from this point onwards. This is what i wanted to do as a career.

My fascination and intrigue with understanding the amazing ability of the human body to adapt, recover and perform still drives me on. I continuously want to learn. New techniques, new research, and the best possible ways to help whoever has an injury, long or short term, reach their fullest potential.

My career has since led me to work with some of the best athletes, actors and musicians from around the world. When your job relies on you performing, your treatment and rehabilitation needs to be exceptional, failure is not an option.

My view is that this same quality of treatment and caring ethos should be delivered to all.

It is upon this foundation, and desire to deliver excellence, that I formed Atherapy at the first Virgin Active gym in 1998. Enabling us to utilise these state of the art gym and pool facilities, for members and non gym members, in our delivery of excellence in physiotherapeutic care.

Over the subsequent years we have grown to a nationwide network of clinics with our dedicated and brilliant staff committing to delivering this approach for you.

Bringing our story to the present day, making real our belief in the following:

At Atherapy it is all about you; we understand that no two people, or injuries, are the same. We take the time to understand your problem, discuss your clinical diagnosis, and outline a personalised treatment plan.

We'll ensure you are seen by the person best suited to treat your injury, providing honest, effective, evidence based treatment that will help you get back to your normal self as quickly as possible.

We promote active rehabilitation, and if you need an onward referral or specialist opinion we’ll go the extra mile. Utilising our international network of specialists to ensure you receive only the very best medical care.

We do what we do because we care about you.

That is our story. We look forward, and take great pride, in giving everyone who accesses our services the same calibre of experience I had as a 14 year old.

Here at Atherapy, whether your goal be one of prevention, cure or performance, you will be in the best hands, literally!

Dave Hancock
Atherapy CEO and Founder